Oldenburg - Int. Oldenburger Pferdetage
06.11.2009 - 09.11.2009


November 7th 2009: EYCUP / YML jumping S** 1,45m

Marie Valdar Longem qualifies for the Frankfurt Finals:

Oldenburg – By winning the European Youngster Cup U25 & YML S** (1,45m), Norwegian rider Marie Valdar Longem on Saturday evening has qualified for the Frankfurt Finals.

In the European Youngster Cup Ranking list, S** category, she is currently in 19th place but this is bound to change in the near future. Marie Valdar Longem, riding Flower Power, showed that she has nerves made of steel when competing in the European Youngster Cup & YML where the under 25-years olds carried out their personal Grand Prix competition.

Going clear, in a time of 61,95 seconds, Marie Valdar Longem won before Denise Ahrens-Menke on Theodora and Hendrik Sosath on Albatros who placed 2nd and 3rd, respecitively.

By wining this class, Marie Valdar Longem (NOR) has qualified for the Frankfurt Finals. Already qualified riders are: Derin Demirsoy (TUR), Maximilian Schmid (GER), Julia Schönhuber (GER), Lara Schmieder (GER), Antonia Schnabel (GER), Christoph Obernauer (AUT), Gerrit Schepers (GER), Anna-Elisa Schäfer (GER), Jörg Oppermann (GER), Linda Marschall (GER), Annina Züger (SUI), Janika Sprunger (SUI), Declan McEvoy (IRL), Maximilian Beermann (GER), Patrick Stühlmeyer (GER).

Results  S** 1,45m

1.  Marie Valdar Longem
2.  Denise Ahrens-Menke
3.  Hendrik Sosath
4.  Angelina Herröder
5.  Angelique Rüsen


Marie Valdar Longem
(c) Sportfotos Lafrentz

(c) Sportfotos Lafrentz

signing the diamond saddle
(c) Sportfotos Lafrentz
November 6th 2009: EYCUP / YML jumping S* 1,40m

Jörg Oppermann and Che Guevara win at the European Youngster Cup & YML Kat. S*:

Oldenburg –On Friday, the European Youngster Cup & YML was the first competition series of the Internationale Oldenburger Pferdetage (Oldenburg International Horse Show) to be decided. 31 riders has entered and competed for victory in the 1,40 meter course. It turned out to be a true challenge for the demands of this international standard showjumping competition were enormous and challenging. Not only the sizes of the jumps and obstacles were to be taken into account here but also the tricky technical problems that had been created by the course designer.

To stand a chance at winning, speed, tight turns and the willingness to take risks had been prerequisites.At 1,05 seconds
Jörg Oppermann and Che Guevara haddelivered a timely Masterpiece, went clear and hence won the European Youngster Cup & YML showjumping competition.

Close on their heels, following barely 74 tenths behind, pleasant young amazone rider
Marie Valdar Longem (Norway) skilfully showed her stuff in the saddle of Flower Power. Placing 3rd, Angelina Herröder on Paradiso had negotiated the difficult course in a fast 52,15 seconds.

Source: HNN24.com

Results S* 1,40m

1.  Jörg Oppermann
2.  Marie Valdar Longem
3.  Angelina Herröder
4.  Carina Hindelang
5.  Christina Vortmann


Jörg Oppermann


winner Jörg Oppermann

second Marie Valdar Longem (NOR)

Marie Valdar Longem (NOR)

Angelina Herröder ranking 3

4th Carina Hindelang

5th Christina Vortmann

prize-giving, company Thomas Sabo
November 11th 2009: EYCUP / YML S* 1,40m

Unbeatable! Peer Zielke (GER) wins the European Youngster Cup & YML Opening S* Competition:

Oldenburg – The European Youngster Cup & YML Opening were part of the first day's competitions at the International Oldenburger Pferdetage (International Oldenburg Horse Show). A total of 29 horse-rider pairs had entered, of which 6 went clear. There was a huge run for the best time as a result over the course of which
Peer Zielke (GER) delivered an impressive performance. Riding his Holsteiner Gray, Coquin Chandial, the German rider jumped the course in 46,63 seconds and won.
Second place went to
Sebastian Elias. In the saddle of Le-Champ, Elias delivered an impeccable clear round in only 55,47 seconds. The third- placed rider, Sarah Nagel-Thornau on Argentina 123, went clear in 55,52 seconds total.

Source: HNN24.com


1.  Peer Zielke
2.  Sebastian Elias
3.  Sarah Nagel-Thornau
4.  Marco Illbruck
5.  Angelina Herröder