Lamprechtshausen (AUT) - Pappas Junior Specials
29.05.2009 - 01.06.2009





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The final round of the International Salzburg Horse Sports Festival Lamprechtshausen in May 2009 gets off this weekend with the Pappas Junior Specials. Some 300 up and coming riders, aged between 12 and 25, from all over Europe will compete against each other on their horses and ponies during what is Austria's largest show for up and coming riders, which will be held from May 29th to June 1st on the equestrian facility of the Göllner family in the Austrian Flachgau region.
A special incentive for the European up and coming elite of the jumping ring is the total prize money of 29,000 Euros as well as the fact that this largest Austrian equestrian sports event for young people also counts as official qualifier for this year's European Championships for up and coming riders. To this end, the top Danish course designer Rob Jansen was invited especially. He is also in charge of this year's European Championships for the up and coming riders.
For the "young professionals" already, professional preparation according to a precise plan is a given. This is the reason why numerous persons in charge of selection travel to the Pappas Junior Specials in Salzburg to sport their participant for their respective European Championships. With Stefanie Bistan, Denise and Nicole Rieger, Kerstin Niederreiter and Melanie Buchner, there are now five local Salzburg riders measuring their skills against stiffest competitors from at home and abroad.


31.05.2009: Anna Elisa Schäfer wins EYCup qualifier over 1,45m in Lamprechtshausen

Today marked the 8th of a total of 16 qualification rounds: today's winning rider in the European Youngster Cup S** (1.45 category) did not only have the joy of winning here, today, but also the double bonus of having qualified for the finals in Frankfurt at the international horse show later this year. It was a stiff run for the 43 up and coming stars of the future, for the course designed by Rob Jansen (NED) had been designed in a manner as to be very selective indeed.

This was also reflected in the results when only three of the riders competing went clear in the first round and this went on to the jump-off. There, young German rider Anna-Elisa Schäfer impressed with her sensational gelding Cassini, a 14-year old Calmiro son who carried the 16-year old through a clear jump-off and this secured her the winning ticket to Frankfurt when none of the riders that followed were able to match her splendid time of 44.48 seconds. Michael Eichler (GER) riding the 14-year old Oldenburg gelding Conamiro, and Valerie Van de Poel (BEL) on the 10 year old Zangersheide gelding Cascade Z (by Calvaro Z) also went clear but lagged clearly behind time-wise. In the end, 2nd place went to Michael Eichler (45.94 seconds) and 3rd place to Van de Poel.

Best Austrian rider was Salzburg-based Verena Wagner, who rode her long-legged grey gelding Carolato to 5th place. "This was my best result in a EY Cup thus far," she remarked after the prize-giving, her participation in the jump-off only having been prevented by an annoying time penalty. Another Austrian, Christoph Obernauer, also did well: his 12 year old Holstein gelding Cortado 3 carried the Tyrol-based rider to 7th place overall after the pair had one down in the first round.

Translation: Tess Crebbin
Puctures: Reinhold Glaser


Anna Elisa Schäfer Anna Elisa Schäfer at Prize-Giving Michael Eichler Valerie van den Poel
30.05.2009: Victory thanks to the courage to take risks: Patrick Afflerbach wins today's European Youngster Cup 1,40m

The second highlight of today, Saturday, at the Pappas Junior Specials was the European Youngster Cup S* (1.40) category, which was held by floodlight late evening. Wet and chilly conditions, with plenty of wind, and a tricky course, presented extra challenges to the riders. This was also reflected in the number of those who went through to the jump off: a mere 6 of the 44 who had turned out to compete had finally managed to go clear in the first round. Among them, much to the joy of the audience, were local Austrian riders Theresa Widauer and Christoph Obernauer, both of them from the Tyrol region.

Theresa Widauer and her 13-year old mare Laguna Bay remained cool and clear and, in the end, came through fast enough with 44.88 seconds to make it to third place overall. With her second horse,the
Baloube du Rouet daughter Highwood Alpha, the young Tyorolian had one down but, with a time of 72.95 seconds, still made it to 10th place on that horse. Her countryman, Christoph Obernauer, tore the flashy dragon jump from Hong Kong and this rode his 9-year old gelding to 5th place with a time of 47.92 seconds.

Truly exceptional today was Patrick Afflerbach's performance. Not only did he go clear in the first round with both of his horses, but he also emerged as both winner and fourth place overall, competing against himself. With Quando, an only 8-year old gelding by Quinar, he risked everything and, thanks to his good eye, came through as the winner when he remained clear and also fast. Cool Girl, his 13 year old grey mare by Carthago Z, then carried her Königsbrunn/Germany based rider to 4th place after they had one down at the first jump during the jump-off. 2nd place in this EYCup qualifier went to Franz Jun. Steiner, who rode the 9 year old gelding Shen Shai clear in the jump-off and came through with 42.66 seconds.


Translation: Tess Crebbin
Puctures: Reinhold Glaser

Patrick Afflerbach

Franz Steiner jun.

Theresa Widauer

Christoph Obernauer


29.05.2009: In the saddle of Bolero to the first Lithuanian EYCup Victory: Mata Petraitis wins European Youngster Cup Opening

The European Youngster Cup was the final competition of the first day of the Pappas Junior Specials. An incredible number of 88 riders had registered for the event and competed for victory in the 1.35 meter course. It was a real challenge for this international standard jumping competition was difficult and sophisticated, going over a total of 12 obstacles and 14 jumps. There were also plenty of technical challenges that had been cleverly worked out by course designer Rob Jansen (NED) and it was especially during the long lines, straights and then very tricky turns where riders and horses had to display their precise working together - or not! If rideability was a factor, then there were poles down and refusals whenever the horse was not supple enough to the rider's aids. Despite this, a total of 32 riders went clear, something that goes to show the high quality level of the EYCup participants. Prerequisites for a possible win were speed, tight turns and guts enough to take risks.

With 60.65 seconds, Matas Petraitis and his grey gelding Bolero set the fastest time, remained clear throughout and thus won the opening competition of this weekend's European Youngster Cup. Following close behind, less than a second slower, was the delightful Swiss rider Andrina Schmitz on her Cassini I daughter Magic Lady II. 3rd place went to Russia. Anastasia Sablinasteered her 12 year old chestnut gelding King Creole through the difficult course with great skill, and came in with 61.76 seconds and a clear round.


Mikis Petraitis (LTU)
Photo by: Reinhold Glaser

Prize Giving
Photo by: Reinhold Glaser