Lamprechtshausen (AUT) -Amadeus Horse Outdoors
07.05.2009 - 10.05.2009


The CSI*, with a total of 1120.700 Euro in prize monies, offers not only best conditions and a total of four world ranking points to be gained but it also attracts the top showjumping stars to the Salzburg Flachgau region.

Among others, the Dortmund Championship Series winner, Franz-Josef Dahlmann (GER), will be there. Also competing are such big name riders as Beat Mändli (CH) or audience favorite Hugo Simon (AUT).

But the international up- and - coming riders are also going to have their place at this show: for - after its stops at Bremen, Dortmund, Arezzo and Neuendorf - the European Youngster Cup U25 will hold its next qualifiers at Lamprechtshausen. Interest in this international Cup series, which is known as a stepping stone for future team members, is huge: young stars like Felix Hassmann  (GER), young rider European Champion Philipp Züger (CH) and his sister Annina (4th place in the Junior's European Championship) or the German "shooting star" Alexander Hufenstuhl (GER) are just some of the riders competing at Salzburg. There will also be numerous U25 riders from nations like Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Hungary and Austria.

The same applies to the second international week to be held at Lamprechtshausen, which is dedicated completely to up-and-coming stars and is the largest show in Austria for young hopefuls. Between May 29th and June 1st, the Amadeus Junior Special, with 29000 Euro in prize monies, will host the EYCup a second time, with competitions for riders between the ages of 12 and 25: Ponies, children, juniors, young riders and U25.

Annina Züger (SUI) makes history with a double win in the European Youngster Cup


Never before has this happened in the history of the European Youngster Cup: Young Swiss rider Annina Züger raced like wildfire across the select course of the EYCup Young Rider Grand Prix: as the first of nine riders who had qualified, she delivered a time of 44.30 seconds that could not be matched on her horse Madameke and then achieved the second best time in the saddle of her second horse in the finals, Liberte Courcelle. Yesterday's winner of the EYCup round hence ended up a class apart from the rest, recommending herself through her actions as a team member for Switzerland for the upcoming Young Rider European Championships. The only one to remotely come close to her achievement was the young German rider Wolfgang Puschak jun. on Umar. Based in Augsburg (Germany), he was the only rider aside from Annina Züger to deliver a clear round and came through the jump-off with zero faults and 44.89 seconds.

That she is a tough cookie, meanwhile, was proven by the current points leader Carina Hindelang. The German rider and her mount Promi model had a fall in the triple but, after the doctors had checked her out, she was back in the saddle soon afterwards: riding her second horse, Concord, clear through the first round while, having one down in the jump-off that followed, she lost her possible third place.

Annina Züger (SUI) riding to victory
Source: R. Glaser

Prize Giving, Annina Zueger
Source: R. Glaser

Switzerland twice good in the European Youngster Cup!


In the 1.40 class (S*) of Saturday, with a total of 12 obstacles and 15 jumps over 1.40 m, course designer Christoph Georg Bödicker really went to work on the technical side. No problem for the fast Swiss girls who presented plenty of horse and rider power when they negotiated the jumps. Annina Züger virtually raced over the jumps with her chestnut gelding Liberte Courcelle, and remained clear. She achieved the sensational time of 63.40 seconds, which nobody to follow her could match. With some two seconds more, team colleague Marianne Kistler (SUI) placed second on Rush on du Houssoit and Monika Noskovicova followed in 3rd place with Herge des Hayettes (67.61 seconds).

Annina Züger (SUI) on Liberte Courcelle
Source: R. Glaser

Go Switzerland! Annina Züger does good in the EYCup


A splendid mix of the various nations, stiff competition for world ranking points and youthful abandon ... all these factors characterized today's Amadeus Horse Outdoors.

It was the largest number of horse and riders to descend on Lamprechtshausen yet, a true mammoth project. More then 400 beautiful horses will be on the facility until May 10th and there is only one thing their riders really want: to win!

The exciting finals round of today was won by Annina Züger (SUI),who claimed victory in the opening competition of the European Youngster Cup by but a fraction of a second before Patrick Müller (GER)

As the day drew to an end, the boys turned up the volume in the European Youngster Cup Opening. After an exciting fight for first place, two girls ended up in the top three: 17 year old Swiss rider Annina Züger (SUI) ,whose role model is Rodrigo Pessoa , claimed first place with her 12 year old mount Madameke (57.48 seconds). Alexander Müller  (GER) was a gentleman and smilingly accepted his second place, which he achieved with an almost even time (57.69 seconds) on his 10 year old gelding Le Coeur. Go Switzerland Go! This was also the motto for third place in this EY Cup round: Marianne Kistler (SUI) and her 8 year old chestnut mare Rush on du Hoissoit claimed the ribbon here.

Annina Züger (SUI) wins
EYCup preliminary qualifier
Source: R. Glaser