Erfolge der EYCup-Reiter/-innen

German national championships
Swiss Championships

At the Swiss national championships, for instance, Alexandra Fricker and Granny Smith became the audience darlings when they not only gained the silver medal but also, aside from the gold medallist, Pius Schwitzer, became the only rider to go clear in the last two rounds.

Also at the Swiss Championships, all 3 medals in the young rider's division went to EY Cup riders: Jessy Putallaz on Kolebo got the Gold, Silver went to Deborah Lazzarotto on Alpago and Bronze to Romeo Syfrig on Libuda.
Erster Meistertitel für Pius Schwizer 14.06.2009 17:40:04

In the Junior division, again, all 3 medals went to EY Cup riders: Gold went to
Aurélie Wettstein on Santos, Silver to Kevin Melliger on Queeny and Bronze to Martin Fuchs in the saddle of Karin.

But that is not all when it comes to the achievements of "our" riders on the circuit this weekend: the new German Gold Medallist is ... Phillip Weishaupt, another EY Cup rider!

There were also top results at Balve, Hagen and Königsbrunn this weekend - in the highest class of the show at Königsbrunn, a S***, Stefanie Paul on Leoni P managed to beat all the "Bug guy" to first place and won the Grand Prix!

All in all, it was a highly successful weekend for our riders: we extend our heartfelt congratulations to them all and say: way to go, guys and gals.

CSIO Nations Cup Young Riders Hagen
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Andreas Kreuzer

Tobias Meyer

Patrick Stühlmeyer
Last Chance

Christoph Brüse

Eleonora Zorzetto

Anna Giugno

Vittoria Tosi

Francesca Capponi

Tom Martens
Audi´s Allouette

Stephanie Brugman

Maikel van der Vleuten
VDL Groep Naomi

Wesley Heijdens

Märta Elander Wisten

Charlotte Jonson

Maja Friberg
Promise Me

Douglas Lindelöw

European Championships Juniors and Young Riders

Following the international youth riding festival at Hagen, the working group "up and coming athletes" of the showjumping panel for the German Olympic Committee for Equestrian Sports (DOKR) has nominated the participants for the showjumping championships Juniors and Young Riders, to be held at Hoofddorp/Netherlands between July 2nd to 6th 2009

Young Riders Juniors