Our sponsor Thomas Sabo at the German Youth Championships




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Plenty of good mood, sunshine but also hard fights for the medals, at the German Youth Championships in Munich-Riem, were the dominating factors this past weekend. Some of the favorites from Bavaria were simply unlucky. Bavarian Champion Max Schmid, for instance, and also Lawrence Greene, rode excellently but had pure bad luck in the course, resulting in some faults and hence the loss of the chance for a medal. However, Denise Sulz, one of the EYCup riders, was able to hold her own in the Young Riders/Jumping category: she ended up with the silver medal as reward for her excellent performance. Among those watching as she received her medal, incidentally, was also a famous horse-fan: Monika Hohlmeier had personally come to Riem to witness the event! 

There was a beautiful sponsor display case at the German Youth Championships at Munich Riem, highlighting some of the finest creations of Thomas Sabo, whose exclusive jewelry is by now worn all over the world. Directly outside the VIP tent, there was plenty to be admired in the showcase and, what was best, the medal winners all got some fine Sabo jewelry as special prizes. To hand these over, then MD and his assistant had personally come to congratulate the up-and-coming stars on their great performance. We are very pleased at how much Sabo continues to support our sport and the motivation this gives to the young riders.